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Working Out Your Jiu Jitsu Goals

You will have your own unique path that drew you to BJJ, and working out what you want to get out of it may not immediately be clear. Whatever goal posts you set for yourself, they will likely shift and change as you progress — but having at least some broad objectives will help give you direction so you can get the most out of this multi-faceted sport.


How to Progress Even When You're Injured

It can be heartbreaking to get injured right when it feels like your training going so well. Sadly, injury risk is just something that comes along with combat sports, and learning to navigate your recovery is another part of the path of mastery. This blog is intended to offer some insight into the physical, mental and emotional challenges you get to work through as an injured martial artist. 


Reducing Injury Risk with Biomechanics

The biggest concern for all combat athletes is injury risk, and while accidents do happen, there’s plenty we can be doing to at least avoid repetitive strain injury. 


2 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Sports Recovery Right Away

New gadgets, treatments and supplements are always coming onto the market to help with sports recovery, but there are 2 simple things you can start implementing right away to train your body for efficient recovery.